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The CoMputational Mechanics and Methods (CM3 [cubic centimeter]) Group in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of Kentucky is a research unit that extensively and intensively develops and applies computational methods (e.g., finite elements and meshfree/meshless methods) to model and simulate real world mechanics-related problems.

The research interests of our group lie primarily in the broad areas of Computational Mechanics and Computational Materials, with research focus in following main topics:

  • Multi-scale multi-physics modeling of solid materials (brittle, ductile);
  • Damage and failure modeling of solids and structures under normal and extreme conditions (high temperature, high velocity, etc);
  • Mechanics of material systems with stochastic heterogeneous microstructures (composites, polycrystals, etc);
  • Advanced methods for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering and materials design.


We believe that new and existing ideas become better through exploration and collaboration. If you find what we are doing is interesting to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.





Four Golden Lessons (to PhD students)

By Steven Weinberg

 Lesson 1: "No one knows everything, and you don't have to."

 Lesson 2: "While you are swimming and not sinking you should aim for rough water."

 Lesson 3: "To forgive yourself for wasting time."

 Lesson 4: "Learn something about the history of science, or at a minimum the history of your own branch of science."

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